Alexis Woodley CD(DONA)

Birth Doula

Services Provided:
Birth Doula

flower"Thank you for patiently and thoughtfully guiding us through our birth journey. You truly are a special soul."

- Tamara

Alexis is a DONA International certified birth doula and a prenatal yoga instructor. She was officially bit by the birth bug while studying yoga in India. When the instructor began the prenatal portion of the course, Alexis felt a deep resonance and knew immediately that she wanted to pursue teaching prenatal yoga once she returned to Canada. She was lucky to take Janice Clarfield’s prenatal yoga teacher training and has been blissfully teaching prenatal yoga at Yoga Shala Calgary since the summer of 2010.

About 6 years ago, she found that teaching prenatal yoga wasn’t scratching the itch enough anymore and she realized she wanted to provide even more support to her students. About that same time, her class assistant was just completing her doula certification. Alexis hadn't heard of the role before but knew immediately that this path was calling her name!

Completing her DONA International birth doula workshop in November 2012, Alexis has had the honor of being present at over 30 births with more on the horizon.

I have been interested in and inspired by birth since a young age. My mother raised me to be respectful of Mother Nature and her powers and she birthed my brother at home when I was six.

That experience (according to my father) caused me to say “I am never having babies!” but it taught me that birth is an instinctual, physiological process and that women are strong and wise enough to birth in the best way for themselves.

I am filled with such gratitude that I am able to support women as they bring forth life. Doula work is the most rewarding career and I look forward to walking the path for as long as I am able.
— Alexis