Dream Boarding: Mapping Reality

When you’re doing the work you love, it doesn’t really feel like work.  I didn’t buy into that until I started exclusively doing the work I love - full time.  There are a lot of people in my life that were doubtful of the financial stability my new career choice would offer.  There are no RRSP options, added-on health plan, or employer pension plan.  There is no company issued credit card, or vehicle allowance – it’s a pretty bare bones operation… but it’s ours.  It wasn’t until our first pay period came around where I paid all of my bills (and then some) on money we made ourselves.  It was a feeling so satisfying the only comparison I can think of is what it might feel like to be trapped in the woods and to have caught and cooked a rabbit for my family and myself.   It was a feeling of raw pride that I had in my own volition and ability; I brought in the income from my own business that was fueling our life.  I can’t imagine ever being stuck back in a lifeless office and working for the man again.  Damn the man.


The best part of having my own business is being able to define who I am in it.  My business will be successful based on who I am being.  I believe in operating with integrity.  It’s important to me that I keep my word to my clients.  It’s important to me that our business be successful and that it sees growth year after year.  I want to constantly improve.  Every year I want to learn more about taxes, accounting, marketing, and I want to get involved in my community.  For me, having my own business and being a contributing part of my industry is part of what it means to be an active participant in my life.  I feel that I am creating my life, rather than watching it happen… and there is no greater feeling than that.

My husband is also self-employed, and one day he suggested we make a dream board.  We started making them and mine sat half completed, more like an art project than an actual projection of my dreams, beside my bed for four years.  Fast forward to the start of this year, and Rachel and I are talking about our hopes and plans for our business and where we want to see it grow.  As part of a project we’re working through, we are tasked to make a dream board.  Instead of starting from scratch, I took a look at what my hopes were four years ago.  They are startlingly in-line with where we are headed with Five Elements.  I grabbed some markers and some scissors and some magazines and decided to fill it in.  Now I feel it’s a reflection of what my goals are and where my focus needs to be.  It hangs in my office and I love what jumps out at me from this board.  I see different things depending on the day I’m having.

At first I thought a dream board was a little airy and just a fun art project.  I still do feel that way a little, actually.  What I do love about it is that it’s an artistic reflection of what I want to create for my life and my business.  I was surprised at how much I started to love the vision I was creating.  I love looking at it now, and I am so glad I finished it. 

Have you created a dream board for your life or your business? We would love to see your dream boards and to share in the goals you’re creating for yourself and your business.  Leave a comment to share what you're dreaming about.

~ Christine

Christine Jennings

Christine is a DONA International Certified Birth Doula who brings a sense of joy, excitement, and wonder to her work. She loves to support her clients as they journey towards their own best birth and shares their pride in their accomplishments. Offering deeply intuitive care, she is able to encourage them as they uncover their own inner hopes and desires for their birth, while supporting them with the tools to achieve them.