In The Fringe

I'm not very fringy.  I don't make my own kombucha.  I haven't grown one leaf of kale.  I have no bloody idea how to make soap. I do own a few mason jars, and our tomato plant did pretty well this year.  It was a good summer for tomatoes. I own too many clothes, I have off-the-shelf shampoos in my shower, and I don't own a single item made of hemp.  I guess I'm pretty main-stream... but how I wish I could rock a head of dreadlocks and nurture a scoby of my own!  

I spend the majority of my time with women who do birth work.  I hang out with doulas, midwives, placenta encapsulators, reflexologists, acupuncturists, chiropractors... you name it, I probably brush up with ladies who do it.  And I LOVE THEM.  I love every single one of them.  I wish every BBQ I attended, every volunteer event, every training and every social event I visit, to be present with these incredibly empathetic, connected, and loving women.  To me, this isn't fringy.  These are my people.  I found my community and my tribe.  When I find myself in 'conventional' company though, I am the fringy one!

                                                    its so fringy.

                                                    its so fringy.

So what does my tribe value?  

  • My community has a strong foundation in the support of women and choice for women.  There aren't any non-feminists in my tribe *fist pump*.  
  • We are at work to change conventional perception and operation of how our society functions. We are a large and growing community making a real impact.
  • We collectively agree that we are stronger together, and can make more of a difference as a collective.

I really love being a part of my community, however fringy it may seem to some.  I think if you can find a little group of people that are like-minded and make your heart happy, it is a life-requirement to share that joy together.  I am so excited for what my tribe is capable of creating together, and I am so grateful to be an active member of this life with you incredible women.  If my group is in the fringe, and if we are the unconventional voices in this city of ours - than nuts to convention!  #fringepride 

~ Christine



Christine Jennings

Christine is a DONA International Certified Birth Doula who brings a sense of joy, excitement, and wonder to her work. She loves to support her clients as they journey towards their own best birth and shares their pride in their accomplishments. Offering deeply intuitive care, she is able to encourage them as they uncover their own inner hopes and desires for their birth, while supporting them with the tools to achieve them.