Christine Jennings CD(DONA) (she/her)

Services Provided:
Birth Doula

flower"Christine was amazing. She was so calm and was able to answer all of our questions throughout, and I felt very comforted by her. She was so helpful in dealing with the pain of labour."

- Kathy

Christine is a DONA International Certified Birth Doula who brings a sense of joy, excitement, and wonder to her work. She loves to support her clients as they journey towards their own best birth and shares their pride in their accomplishments. Offering deeply intuitive care, she is able to encourage them as they uncover their own inner hopes and desires for their birth, while supporting them with the tools to achieve them.

I love getting to know our clients prenatally and building a strong relationship. Trust and communication are key to connected support for me. I love observing the connection between moms and their partners and my goal is that you feel more lovingly connected to your partner through your birthing process. I love nurturing my clients on their journey.

I really love working with doctors, nurses, and midwives. There is a special magic that happens for a birthing mother when she is surrounded by a cohesive team all working for her, her partner, and her baby. I love the nitty, gritty work of labour support - both the time it takes and figuring out how to balance my client’s needs with my needs, even when it’s hard (especially when it’s hard). It is a privilege to be present for moments of triumph.

It is incredibly rewarding to offer practical knowledge in a particular moment that helps a labouring woman, or new mother with her baby. There is nothing more beautiful than witnessing the process of moms and dads falling in love with their babies. And really? I love the oxytocin high after attending a birth. I ride that for hours!
— Christine