Shannon McEwan

Birth Doula and Childbirth Educator

Services Provided:
Birth Doula

flower"Immediately upon meeting Shannon I was impressed with her positive attitude and professionalism. She was always warm, friendly, and compassionate. She was very respectful and a great support for my entire family including my husband. Thank you Shannon for being a special part of my memorable birth experience."

- Mercy

Shannon is a Birthing From Within mentor, is working towards her certification as a DONA International doula, and mother of one. With resource focused support, she helps families define the decisions that best reflect their values. Wherever or however her clients birth, she provides loving, compassionate, unconditional support. In her spare time Shannon can be found with her toddler Stella, husband Mark, and labradoodle Sage.

Shannon works in partnership with Rachel Parris.*

Birth is a sacred thing. I am humbled by the strength and beauty families embody through this rite of passage and am blessed to support their metamorphosis. Also, babies. I love babies.
— Shannon


In short, you get the combined experience and knowledge of two doulas for the price of one! While both doulas attend the interview and prenatal meetings together (ensuring you have ample time to build a trusting relationship with both members of your support team), Shannon and Rachel share call time. This means that only one doula is on call at a time and the doula on call when you go into labour would be the one to attend your birth.