Why Dads Want A Doula

Why Dads Want A Doula

Woman-to-woman support has been a cornerstone of birth support throughout human history. Whether medically, physically or emotionally, women have long been depicted helping other women as they transition into motherhood.

The recent (in the grand scheme of things) addition of fathers to the childbirth process has been a welcome and needed evolution in birth support. But this can sometimes lead to concern about a trained and professional support person also joining the team.

Common fears/questions from partners often include: 

  • What will my role be if a doula is there? Aren't I enough?
  • Will she put pressure on me to aid my partner in a way I don’t feel comfortable with? 
  • That's a lot of money - do we really need her?

Instead of explaining my very biased (yes, doulas are amazing!) point of view, I reached out to some dads I've previously worked with. Here’s what they had to say...

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